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Section 8 Productions | Austin| 2022​


Infinity 9 Films | Talons of the Phoenix | 2022​


Dylan Hintz | Raising the Barre (Short) | 2022​


Peter Anthony Productions | Rose Blood a Fri13th Fan Film | 2021

Supporting/ Tactical Advisor



HBO | We Own This City | 2022

Apple TV + | The Lady in The Lake | 2022


Mad Honey Productions | The Clowns | 2022

Series Regular

A&E | True Conviction | 2022


A&E | Panic 911| 2022


AMC | The Walking Dead World Beyond | 2021

Recurring BG/ Tactical Advisor

HBO | The White House Plumbers | 2022


HULU | Dopesick | 2021


AMZ | Jack Ryan| 2022

Victor has over 20 plus years of Law Enforcement experience in different units including S.W.A.T. and as an academy Firearms instructor. He was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Bowie, MD., and Corpus Christi, TX. Victor has compiled dozens of letters of appreciation, commendation and recommendation from citizens, co-workers and supervisors.

His passions include acting, weapons handling, on-set advising of television and movie directors, drag racing and writing. Victor founded and served as a General Manager, coach, and player for a non-profit 501c3 charity public safety football club; Washington D.C. Generals Police and Fire Football Team. The team is comprised of police officers and fire fighters who travel nationally in the NPSFL to raise money for local and national charities. He has also volunteered his spare time as a "Big Brother" of Central New Mexico, and as a coach with the Young American Football League (YAFL). Victor has participated in several yearly police charity events such as "Cops for Kids" and "Shop with a Cop". Victor remained highly motivated and active during his free time as he earned his Bachelor's Degree going to night school at New Mexico Highlands University and graduating with honors.

During his time as a Police Officer in New Mexico, and back in Maryland, Victor saw several of his former co-workers enter the acting stage with numerous film productions. Victor watched as his friends appeared in shows like Breaking Bad or in movies like Army of the Dead, The Longest Yard remake, Wild Hogs, No Country for Old Men, Terminator Salvation and others. Victor has been involved in multiple film and television productions since that time and is enjoying his experience as an actor and police tactical advisor.

Height: 6”0

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Location: Washington D.C./ Baltimore, MD, No.,VA

About Me


Commercials and Print

Koons Ford- Domingo | Koons Ford Dealership | 2022


@rtstactical @striykerusa premium eyewear @axeon optics| Team-Crucible, LLC Photo Shoot | 2022


Special Skills

S.W.A.T. Officer, Police Sniper, Police Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, EVOC Driver, Rappelling, Drag Racing, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Football, MMA, DANCE: Country Two-Step Dancing.

Training & Workshops

Auditioning         Actors Axiom             James Ciccone, Remote

Acting Classes    Stage Screen Studios   Pete Garvey Millersville, MD

Stunt Training      D.C. Stunt Coalition    Dylan Hintz Rockville, MD

Police/S.W.A.T.  24 years’ Experience   Various MD, NM

A.A.S. Degree    Criminal Justice           PGCC, Largo, MD

B.A. Degree       Criminal Justice           NMHU, Las Vegas, NM

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